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July 13, 2013
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[CE] For the Cowards by Arifee [CE] For the Cowards by Arifee
Edit: I won first guys. ;; Thanks so much!

Kikoni (girl in first panel) and her design belong to the lovely ~Fiction-becomes-Fact. ^^

3 White dots signal fast forwarding.

F-F-Finally done. :iconcraiplz:
This is an entry for #Winning-Points's contest, theme 'Send a Message'.

I ended up having to speed through to make the deadline, so if it looks sloppy at the end, I’m sorry. u_u
Avril and Keagan have a love/hate relationship. Along with Caine, another childhood friend of theirs who was not featured in the comic, their friendship fell apart in grade 6.

3 years later, they’ve all “moved on”, but it’s obvious to Keagan and Caine that Avril’s not fine, no matter how she does look or act at school.

The message I’m trying to portray is that anyone can be hurt, but not everyone can fix it alone. Depression, from my experiences, makes you seem like a freak to yourself and others. Last November, due to past depression they had, a boy in my grade asked “What’s wrong with you? You cut.” to a friend of mine in front of like 5 other people
I’ve never slapped somebody that hard. The world is full of broken people. The boy who said that ended up apologizing. He was broken, too, attempting to fit into a world that kept throwing him out. I didn’t touch on this either due to time limitations, but in high school, Avril(blonde girl) became... to put it lightly, a bully. She knows it’s wrong, and even though she seems confident, she’s not. At the end, just knowing that someone cares for her (Keagan) is enough to help her stand up. I know that in the real world, it’s usually never that easy, but sometimes, a little boost can help so much.

I didn’t put in a lot of my ideas into the comic due to limitations, so here’s a list of everything I wanted to put in, but didn’t:

People may make things worse for you, call you a freak, and make you feel like a freak, but remember to keep going. If you believe that you have nobody to turn to, if you’re okay with talking to a complete stranger, flick me a note.

Ball Point Pen, Sharpie, GIMP 2.8 for colours, MS Paint for text, mouse
21 hours over 4 days

I had so much fun doing this, but I wish I could go back and redo all the pages. dfjvns It was a great experience, but.. ugh i don't even know fdjvbsf

Wish me luck! :la:
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