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November 23, 2013
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[MMA] Lane Karis by Arifee [MMA] Lane Karis by Arifee
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Improvement of this char since Feb:

= Basic Info

❆ Name: Lane Karis (Often introduces himself as Erick Tobin)
❆ House/Group: Phoenix
❆ Age: 16
❆ Birthday: 3rd February
❆ Sexuality: Undecided

❆ Species: Caladrius: Snow white bird that, depending on if it looks at or away from a sick person, will reveal if that person will live or die. They have the ability to absorb the sickness and fly away which gets rids of the sickness and heals both the bird and the patient.

❆ Powers: Telling the future; Healing

❆ Classes:

= Personality:

| Childish | Lively | Manipulative | Straightforward | Immature | Lazy | Whines | Calculating | Fun | Judgmental | Prankster |

Without knowing why, academics came easily to Lane, especially math. He never had to try hard to accomplish anything, so the ideas of determination and trying hard are foreign concepts to him. Due to this, he's rather lazy and can't be told to do most tasks since he'll whine about it.

Upon meeting Lane, it's easy to notice his childish attitude. Like most children, he's whiny and could be accounted for being rude due to his straightforward nature and inability to keep secrets. If you encounter him, you might notice him judging you as if you'd be a waste of time to him or not- after all, why befriend someone boring? If he feels he has no need of you, he won't hesitate to manipulate you for his own benefit. If he decides he likes you, or you're fun, then you can expect to see the lively, fun side of him.

Lane usually finds most people fun, but he'll especially enjoy more risky kinds of people, and he lovesss fellow pranksters. c: 

= Bio:

School was easy for Lane. He grew up in a fairly rich household and had tutors as a child, but after elementary school, he learned on his own. He liked academics and learning new things, but it was a surprise at how easily school was for him. 

When he was very young, he began to play the violin. Though he's really good at it now, he finds the instrument boring since he feels as if there's nothing else he can learn from it. 

As for his wings... they were easy to hide as a child. They were small and easy enough to hide under layer after layer of clothing. As he grew up, it became more difficult, but he managed. 

The only thing he found difficult that he continued to work at was basketball.  When he first joined the team as a freshman (to "make friends", as his mother stated when she saw him eagerly eyeing the basketball games on television) a few years back, he was stunned and frustrated to find that this was something that he just... wasn't good at. His sheer determination for this one sport alone shocked most of the people around him. Why was Lane, who never really tried, trying so hard? In response, Lane told them that it was a challenge. An actual challenge he felt obliged to overcome.

Besides that, Lane didn't try since he didn't need to. His determination for basketball outshines his determination for everything else.

He doesn't have a clear reason for attending MMA. For one thing, he's going here to stall going out in the real world. He doesn't want to graduate college yet because that means that he'll have to enter the real world and have actual responsibilities. For someone like him, that's too much effort. c;

= Likes/Dislikes:

✔ Basketball
✔ Silly string 
✔ Pranks
✔ Spray paint
✔ Mathematics
✔ Ridiculous nicknames (that he comes up with ;D)
✖ Wrong predictions. Because when people know of their future, their choices may change what they do.
✖ Telling people major predictions (Who will I marry? When will I die?)
✖ Tests
✖ Meat
✖ Anything he doesn't find an interest in

= Student Relationships:

❤ Love - "You're perfect. This is perfect."
♡ Crush - "Okay, yeah, we're dating now!"
✙  Best Friends - "You guys are the least lamest people I know!"
✜ Friends - "You, me, downtown. Bring silly string."
✪ Acquaintances - "You're okay."
✦ Unsure - "Sorry, I don't really know you."
❋ Dislike - "Hey, go do me a favor and clean my toilet or something."
☠ Hate - "Lame."

Spiridion Radic: "Not too sure. It was like Sprina matched me at first, but he's so cautious and paranoid to do anything!"

❆ Vegetarian
❆ White, swirling tattoos go from him lower neck to the bottom of his left leg. In his original design, they were golden. 
❆ If you are a male, you will get a nickname. It'll probably be lame.
❆ Usually won't ask questions. His 'questions' will come out as statements.
❆ Does both graffiti *COUGH VANDALISM COUGH* and skateboarding. He feels averagely about both, meaning that he doesn't find them challenging nor boring.
❆ He was originally an oracle, but I changed his species. c;

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Grimmijaggers Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Kiss Raffle project: GO!

Daleki was walking quickly to his office, trying to run away from Gelezinis, who was trying to make him this Lane guy he never met.
'Seriously, Matt has some freakish ideas.' He thought.
Arifee Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
I think I must have deleted this from the comments because I only just now saw the comment on the app?? ;___;

Haha, Spirit really was going to get it this time. Lane swore he didn't sign up for the kiss raffle. It had to be Spirit. No way was he going to do this. 
Briskly walking to find Spirit, Lane wasn't paying attention as he collided straight with a person. Glaring, he looked up, only to find the person he was supposed to kiss.
Well this was awkward.
Grimmijaggers Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It's fine :3


Daleki looked down at the person who had bumped into him. "Are you Lane?" he asked flatly.
Arifee Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Lane scoffed, looking away. "Obviously."
Grimmijaggers Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
"Hm." Daleki huffed. "Then I guess I should get it over with."
DarkAngelofMinecraft Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I remember Lane 
Can we RP?
Arifee Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Hahah, he's back! ;D

And yeah, of course!! Do you prefer script/lit and comments/notes/skype/etc? 8D
DarkAngelofMinecraft Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Comments is fine with me~
Arifee Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Alright, I'll start. c:

Boring. Fresh snow fell from the sky, encasing the school in what looked like a winter wonderland. To make it worse, the roads were completely iced over, so there was no way Lane could leave the school grounds. Mumbling complaints to himself, Lane leaned back on the windowsill. Ugh, this was lame. Deciding that staying cooped up in here would just about kill him, he threw on a coat and exited the building. Just as he was leaving, he slipped on a patch of ice, falling on his butt. His eyes widened in temporary shock. Nobody saw that, right?
DarkAngelofMinecraft Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"You okay?"
The phoenix girl noticed Lane slipped and fell. She walked over,and didn't hold out her hand just yet. She looked at him and glanced up at the snowy sky. Where could he possibly be going?Lilith thought.It's awfully cold out.
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